Geographies of Cubanidad is out in paperback!

Go score a copy today:

This book is the culmination of a decade of research conducted in three cities in Cuba: Havana, Matanzas, and Santiago. It’s about the ways ideas of race and place are linked on the island, and how these issues play out in contemporary musical performance.

Note that while this is an academic book, the writing is fairly accessible with little heavy theoretical language. I think upper-level undergraduates could understand the vast majority of it. Please share far and wide!

Essays on Oscar-nominated movies

In preparation for the Oscars on Sunday night, here are two recent essays I wrote on nominated movies. I won’t hold my breath after the Grammys travesty that robbed Bey’s Lemonade of all its richly deserved recognition,   and proved yet again that white mediocrity will always be recognized by the establishment over black excellence…But for the record, Team Moonlight in all its categories! Even best supporting actress, cuz Viola deserved to be nominated and to win in the best actress category for her role in Fences!

On Loving:

On Moonlight: ‘Moonlight’ Subtly Illuminates the Erasure of Miami’s Black Cubans