Qualitative research and analysis

My qualitative research and analysis experience stems from my training and background in academia, during which time I developed a strong set of skills related primarily to ethnographic research.

I have conducted ethnographic research/fieldwork in Cuba since 2004, primarily in the cities of Havana, Matanzas, and Santiago. I spent 10 months on the island in 2006 and 2007, during which time I established relationships with dozens of musicians and groups, networked with local scholars and state cultural officials, and conducted archival research at various Cuban institutions. Since then, I have returned for several shorter research trips.

I also worked as a research consultant for the Institute for Scientific Analysis (Alameda, CA) in 2015, conducting a qualitative analysis of 30 in-depth interviews related to drug use and body image, and drafting an article discussing the results.


  • In-depth training in a variety of qualitative research methods, including participant-observation, interviewing, documentation through field notes, networking with musicians
  • Research design and implementation
  • Strong interpersonal skills within a cross-cultural context
  • Qualitative analysis of societal and cultural phenomena
  • Musical analysis and transcription
  • Fluent in Spanish with ability to transcribe interviews from Spanish to English
  • Experience managing limited budget for fieldwork
  • Expertise operating a range of fieldwork technology, such as digital music recorder, video camera, digital camera
  • Extensive experience communicating research outcomes to diverse audiences

If you have a need for a qualitative researcher or ethnographer for a specific project, please contact me to learn more about my rates and availability.


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